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Nurse with families
Our clinical team oversees every part of your healthcare journey, from attending doctor's appointments and handling all insurance processes to the coordination of all your medical care and services.
Nurse with families

Bring Back
the Care in Healthcare

Bring Back
the Care in Healthcare

  • Personal Health Assistant: managing your doctors, chronic conditions, and insurance processes, saving your family time and money.
  • Attending Doctor Appointments: we prepare key questions, present accurate health history, take detailed notes, speak up for you and clearly summarize the Doctor’s instructions post-visit for you and your family.
  • Peace of Mind: providing reassurance and removing stress from dealing with healthcare.

Let our experienced clinical team quarterback your health.

Our Members' Stories

Mother Successfully Lowers Blood Sugar Levels by 205 pts.

Myseema Member, Rozina

48 years old
Diabetes, blurry vision.

"My blood sugars are now staying below 200. I think that's amazing progress because of all your help."

Proud of her achivements:


Improved in blood sugar levels


Increase in daily steps


A week saved in healthcare management

Father Reduces Average Blood Sugar Levels by 36 pts.

Myseema Member, Ram

67 years old
Diabetes, cholesterol.

“My blood sugar levels are consistently staying below 200, and I find this progress truly remarkable thanks to all the invaluable assistance you've provided.”

Proud of his achivements:


Improved in blood sugar levels


Weight loss and keept healthy weight


A week saved in healthcare management

32-Year- Old Sheds 10 Pounds and Finds Renewed Vitality

Myseema Member, Aisha

32 years old
Weight, hydration, mental health, and nutrition.

"Your thoughtful reminders help me stay mindful of my diet and water."

Proud of her achivements:


Weight loss and keept healthy weight


Daily steps achieved


Increased time in workout sessions

Grandmother Reduces Average Blood Sugar Levels by 300 pts.

Myseema Member, May

55 years old
Blood Sugar, hypertension, broken wrist, polycystic kidneys, kidney transplant, parathyroid surgery.

“My son came to the realization that he doesn't have to shoulder the burden alone to be a caring, protective, and supportive son.”

Proud of her achivements:


Improvement in blood sugar levels


Adherence to medication


Saved in healthcare management

Family Saves Over 700 Min. in Healthcare Management

Myseema Member, Mark

65 years old
Insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetic stress & weight management.

"Thank you for the invaluable assistance in scheduling and organizing all my medical appointments and tests. "

Proud of her achivements:


Of increased sleeping time at night.


Screenings completed


A week saved in healthcare management

63-Year-Old Achieves 25% Reduction in Blood Pressure

Myseema Member, Jessica

63 years old
Stage 3 kidney disease, high blood pressure, dizziness.

“I am really happy that the MySeema Team is always with me for my appointments and asking the Doctor the right questions!”

Proud of her achivements:


Improvement in blood pressure


Increase in daily water intake


Increase in daily steps

Mom Takes Charge of Her Health by Finding a New Doctor

Myseema Member, Emma

63 years old
High cholesterol, hypothyroidism, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure.

“My children always worry about me, but thanks to the help from you and your team, we've all become more organized and less stressed.”

Proud of her achivements:


Adherence to BP and asthma medications


Saved on tests


Saved in healthcare management

Woman with PCOS Saves Over $700 on Lab Tests

Myseema Member, Anna

37 years old
PCOS, egg freezing.

“Thank you for saving me so much money! The labs cost my friend so much more.”

Proud of her achivements:


Saved in medical cost


Doctor visits assisted by MySeema team


Saved in insurance research

Mother Lowers Blood Pressure and Average Sugar

Myseema Member, Nancy

68 years old
High blood pressure, diabetes.

“I am grateful to the team for helping me with my doctor appointments and translating into my language when I found it difficult to understand.”

Proud of her achivements:


Improvement in blood sugar levels


Increase in daily steps


Preventive screening completed

Stressed Mom Drops BP by 85 pts. and Tackles Mental Health

Myseema Member, Melissa

52 years old
Pre-diabetes, mild heart attack, depression, mental health.

“This is the most I've taken care of myself and it feels good.”

Proud of her achivements:


Drop in blood pressure


Increased water intake


A week saved in healthcare management

Dad Cares for His Heart Health and Increases His HDL by 10 pts.

Myseema Member, Charles

60 years old
High cholesterol, cardiovascular health, weight loss, health education, exercise and routine.

“I am grateful for MySeema's virtual presence during my PCP appointment. They navigated my concerns with great depth and attention.”

Proud of her achivements:


Increase in HDL (good) cholesterol


Daily bike exercise


Increase in daily steps

Doctor Reduced Sugar Intake and Increases Daily Steps to 10k

Myseema Member, Helen

64 years old
Prediabetes, osteopenia, anemia.

“Thank you for pushing me to get my mammogram done.”

Proud of her achivements:


Increase in daily steps


Increase in daily water intake


A week saved in healthcare management

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We speak the language of healthcare in your native tongue.

*We currently support English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and Swahili.

More languages coming soon: Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Korean, Vietnamese, Telegu, Japanese & more.

*We currently support English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and Swahili, with more languages coming soon.

Health Triumphs: Real-Life Victories

Care Beyond Borders

During the winter holiday, our patient in Mexico faced a communication challenge. However, he successfully managed to reconnect with our dedicated care navigator, Nora. In gratitude, he expressed, "Thank you for caring for us. I had tried to call you, but calls weren't going through, so I found a house phone. Thank you so much…".

Our commitment to medical care knows no borders. Despite the distance, we monitored his blood pressures, made sure he had enough medications, and confirmed appointments.

Our dedication transcends boundaries, offering comfort and care regardless of location, providing a sense of security to our patients everywhere.

Diabetes Crisis Averted

A patient, who is trying to manage long-standing uncontrolled diabetes, urgently reached out to Care Navigator at MySeema. Nearly out of blood sugar test strips and with blood sugars soaring to the alarming 600s, the patient was reaching for help.

Promptly assessing the situation, MySeema helped convince the patient to schedule a same-day appointment for immediate care. The proactive approach extended to contacting a specialist's office to inform them, addressing the medication regimen and avoiding an ER visit.

In gratitude, the patient expressed:” You are my angel, Nora... No one listens to me”. Our quick intervention ensured she recieved necessary supplies and averted a potential hospitilazation.

Beyond Healthcare

During her first scheduled call, our patient experienced a sense of care from the CCM team dedicated to remotely managing her healthcare needs. The team addressed all her concerns, assuring her of constant support.

The patient shared: "It was so nice to hear from my team and also that we were able to reflect on the holidays. I’ve never had a call where we talked about holidays and healthcare in the same call. It was heartwarming. Looking forward to January's call.'

Besides building trust and meeting healthcare needs, our approach alleviated feelings of loneliness by providing companionship.

No One Should Feel Alone

During a scheduled call, our patient, feeling unwell and relying on over-the-counter medications, reached out to our CCM team. His isolation at home raised concerns, and the team aimed to assess his condition remotely.

The patient expressed gratitude, saying: "Thank you for this call. Nobody checked up on me when I was sick. Both of my kids work, and they come home late. Thank you for checking up on me".

Our assistance extended beyond the call, ensuring the right assessment for the patient's health stability and safety. By doing so, we helped prevent the patient from enduring symptoms alone and potentially missing the opportunity for necessary in-clinic care.

Avoided ER Visit

In a recent patient interaction, our Care Navigator played a crucial role in ensuring the patient's safety. Believing she needed a refill for blood pressure medication last filled in June by a departed doctor, the patient, with swollen legs, reached out during a follow-up call.

Recognizing the urgency, our concierge promptly scheduled an appointment, facilitating immediate access to care. The patient expressed, "Thank you for helping me and getting me the care I needed right away."

During the appointment, the doctor refilled the medication and identified a thyroid issue, preventing potential complications. Our proactive approach supported the patient's well-being and prevented severe complications.


Nope! You do not need to be present at your loved one’s doctors' visits if your MySeema Nurse/Clinician is going to attend. We will manage the visit and also send you a summary with next steps, to keep you in the loop.

However, if you would like to attend as it may give you more peace of mind, we can still be present and lead the discussion with the MD. Whatever is most comfortable for you, we can do.

Firstly, we work alongside you to schedule your appointments and confirm that the provider is “in-network” so that we can help you avoid unnecessary costs. Then we have our members complete a HIPAA form, which we share with your doctor.

On the day of your appointment, our nurses are available for communication with you via text, but as soon as the doctor enters the room you have the option of video calling them, and voila! You have a virtual assistant by your side during the visit. This feature of MySeema is definitely one of our members’ favorites, particularly due to the communication barriers a member could potentially be suffering from when interacting with their doctors.

At this time MySeema does not accept insurance or medicare. We are working hard to present our progress to insurance companies so they will see the value and hopefully assist in covering costs in the future.

MySeema is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their health and manage their healthcare needs, without being overwhelmed by health information and trends.

We're especially helpful for busy families with a member suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain and so much more.

We're the bridge that connects you with everything related to health. From accompanying you to doctor appointments and helping you understand your treatment options, to monitoring your mental health and reducing anxiety, MySeema is like a trusted family member, always working to ensure that you’re in your best health, speaking to you in the language that makes you comfortable, including Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Swahili, and more to come.

MySeema acts as a bridge between you and your parent’s doctors, pharmacies, insurance and any other health care needs.

MySeema is your:

Family’s Care Coordinator:
We accompany members to doctor visits and understand current health updates, treatment plans and any next steps. In between visits we ensure that any treatments, testing, or imaging that is ordered gets done in a timely manner. Keeping everyone aligned is vital as we all know things can get lost in the shuffle. All of the members’ appointments, updates and any results are organized and provided to you regularly. Our job is to stay on top of all aspects of care so the members get the care they deserve.

Family’s Clinical Advocate:
Our main priority is the health and wellness of our members. While in our care, we make sure to understand their needs, communicate any necessary information with their doctors and ensure they receive quality care. Using our clinical experience, we can advocate holistic interventions and partner with the doctor in caring for the member. After understanding the treatment plan and goals of the doctor, we make sure our members follow it. We hold the members accountable in-between visits and are on the lookout for any concerns. If there are any concerns then you can be assured that we promptly communicate with the doctor and you.

Family’s Personal Patient Navigator:
Healthcare in the United States is complicated and fragmented. On top of that, knowing the ins and out of insurance is challenging. It requires time and consistent follow up, which most people don’t have. MySeema’s clinical team is experienced and knows how to navigate the system quickly. We can provide the support and do the “run around” for you. Our team will take the burden of making the calls, following up and chasing open items while always keeping you updated. We help with confirming what is covered by insurance, what is not, collect estimated costs, finding quality “in-network” care, and researching the most cost effective treatments.

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