MySeema is a health and wellness membership service that supports families and individuals on their journey to a healthier future. Our team saves members time and money making navigating the complicated healthcare system easy.

Each member is paired with a dedicated nurse and personal health assistant, based on your preferred language, whose focus is solely on enhancing your health. We hold you accountable to your wellness goals, proactively scheduling appointments and insurance-covered screenings, attending appointments virtually to clarify diagnoses, prescriptions and treatments, managing insurance, monitoring mental well-being, and more, all to ensure that you are healthy, happy, and at peace.

MySeema is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their health and manage their healthcare needs, without being overwhelmed by health information and trends.

We're especially helpful for busy families with a member suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain and so much more.

We're the bridge that connects you with everything related to health. From accompanying you to doctor appointments and helping you understand your treatment options, to monitoring your mental health and reducing anxiety, MySeema is like a trusted family member, always working to ensure that you’re in your best health, speaking to you in the language that makes you comfortable, including Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Swahili, and more to come.

Healthcare begins right where you are. We get to know you and set achievable goals. With a personalized plan, we help you stay on track. In the first month, you can expect reduced stress and anxiety. By the second month, you’ll find improved physical well-being. By the third month, you’ll notice positive changes in your body. The possibilities for improved health and happiness are limitless! Many of our members have undergone screenings, discovered new interests, secured better jobs, and achieved a happier outlook after a year with us.

Every journey is unique, but rest assured we're always there to help you progress.

MySeema is led by licensed medical professionals including nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical clinicians. Our trained assistants, under close supervision of our nurses, offer both expert health information and exceptional customer service.

Firstly, we work alongside you to schedule your appointments and confirm that the provider is “in-network” so that we can help you avoid unnecessary costs. Then we have our members complete a HIPAA form, which we share with your doctor.

On the day of your appointment, our nurses are available for communication with you via text, but as soon as the doctor enters the room you have the option of video calling them, and voila! You have a virtual assistant by your side during the visit. This feature of MySeema is definitely one of our members’ favorites, particularly due to the communication barriers a member could potentially be suffering from when interacting with their doctors.

Prior to your doctor’s visit, our nurses would have already gathered your relevant health data and vitals that they’d been tracking over time, which are exceedingly advantageous for an accurate diagnosis. This is an especially beneficial feature of MySeema, since most patients would only perform tests that their doctor recommends after their visit, which provide a limited data set. Those one-time tests don’t expose patterns in health and vitals, since they had not been monitored and compared to past tests, rendering the diagnosis less precise.

Our nurses also prepare questions to ask your doctor prior to your visit based on the information they’ve collected, then ask other follow-up questions and take comprehensive notes during the session to help clarify the information to you later on.

After the doctor’s appointment, our nurses dedicate time to review the treatment plan your doctor has suggested, explaining any points that were difficult for you to grasp, and then set your new health game plan accordingly. Finally, they prepare a summary for you or your family members (in case one is using MySeema to support a parent or a loved one), making sure to keep everyone involved “in the know” of their health status, and as time goes on holds them accountable to this new plan!

MySeema is a monthly subscription starting from $1 a day ($30 per month), depending on the services you ultimately choose to receive. We offer 3 tiers : the proactive, routine and companion tiers that include a variety of benefits we can discuss with you on a free introductory call if you should require it. All tiers come with a 30-day money back guarantee!

At the moment, MySeema is a private pay service that does not accept insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. Our pricing may be viewed in detail here, and our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any further questions.

We offer a multitude of health-related services, which can, for the most part, be grouped under 3 categories: insurance matters, weight loss and nutrition, as well as medical assistance for a variety of diseases or conditions. Medical assistance includes support during pregnancy or pre/post-surgery care, as well as therapeutic services for mental health wellness such as stress, anxiety and low self-esteem. Some of the more common diseases we assist with are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes, diabetes, arthritis and so much more.

Rest assured though, while these are our most commonly tackled issues, there are many more, so many in fact that we would run out of space if we were to list them all! You can check our website for all the details.

If a member subscribes to the insurance-related tier within MySeema’s packages, our assistants can handle any of your impending insurance denials or claims. We also research and provide you with options of insurance coverages that best fit your needs and budget, consistently looking for in-network providers and cheaper prescriptions to make sure you’re always getting the best deals.

One of the brilliant benefits of MySeema is that it is a customized health service for your specific needs. This means when we collect data on your nutrition, physical activity, sleep patterns, mental health and daily routines, it allows us to properly assess your position on the health spectrum, resulting in our ability to review any risk factors that may present themselves (due to family history, for example). Healthy or not, 80-90% of all health issues in your life are preventable, and MySeema has made preventing them its primary goal. We are dedicated to getting on top of your health, together.

On the proactive side, MySeema’s assistants and nurses cater to your schedule and daily routines, holding you accountable to health plans that were designed to improve your wellness via text/call/video calls. They will also make sure to schedule all the doctor appointments, lab tests or screenings necessary for you to stay proactive and on top of your health. All of this will guarantee that you will ultimately achieve the best possible results on your wellness journey.

At this time, all communication with your MySeema nurse or assistants will take place via Whatsapp, which was chosen for its encryption qualities and familiarity for most users. However, the creation of our own MySeema app is currently in the works, where all communications, medication details, appointments, and members’ progress will be stored and accessible for the approved family members.

Our member’s dedicated team serve as a “safe space”, so they have the freedom to engage in conversations that allow them to express freely. Allowing the members to manage their stress by being comfortable to openly vent, express frustrations or concerns but most of all feel “heard”.

Here at MySeema, we encourage meditation, stretching, & yoga regularly to not only help with the physical benefits, but more so for emotional benefits. We really want to boost confidence by highlighting the small positive changes they make while with us. We encourage our members to pick up hobbies they may have once loved & even brainstorm new hobbies they may enjoy. As they start feeling better and assured, they start to become more confident and willing to make their own decisions. After all, as we all age, the one thing we fear to lose is, independence. MySeema hopes that our members become more independent with the help of their dedicated team.

We are so glad you asked. Yes, there is a 10% discount off the total monthly price if you enroll 2 or more direct family members into MySeema. The family members must be living in the same household and proof will need to be provided.

At this time MySeema does not accept insurance or medicare. We are working hard to present our progress to insurance companies so they will see the value and hopefully assist in covering costs in the future.

Yes, you are able to modify the tier your loved one is at anytime. We can adjust the membership to ensure it matches your needs. It has happened where a member was in the Proactive tier but then felt they really could benefit from the Companion tier. Once you let us know we will work to get that changed.

Once you confirm the tier you would like, then there are a few activities that will occur:

1. A payment link will be sent to your email, also be on the lookout as it may go to your “Junk/Spam” folder.

2. Legal forms will be sent to you via Hello Sign:
- Protection of Privacy abiding with the HIPAA law
- A confirmation of understanding that MySeema does not offer medical advice at this time

3. We will collect your loved one’s phone number and reach out to schedule a “MySeema Family Call” with them. We ask that your loved one attends the call independently as they open up more knowing their child is not present.

MySeema protects personal information which abides by the HIPAA law. We take extra precautions and password protect any pertinent information for only the dedicated team that manages your loved one. Our team goes through rigorous training and completes legal forms to acknowledge the importance of personal information.

At this time MySeema does not give medical advice, we partner with the member’s established providers. With our clinical background, our role is to advocate for your loved one, understand treatment plans and encourage your loved one to follow the plan.

MySeema as a company legally abides by the HIPAA law that is mandated here in the United States. All staff are required to sign legal documents that ensure they understand the law and protect personal information appropriately. Each staff member also attends training on how to to protect personal information. If any personal information is collected, all data is stored in a secure location.

If you are interested in the MySeema services and would like more information, please message us and we will be more than happy to connect with you. From there, we can see how MySeema can be of value to you.

Yes! If you refer any members to MySeema, you will be eligible for a $15 Amazon, Starbucks or WellBefore gift card, once the referred member is accepted into our service and their first payment is received.

If there is any medical emergency, MySeema is NOT able to address any emergencies requiring immediate medical attention. If the MySeema staff is on the phone with a member and an emergency occurs, then we have protocols in place, in which the clinical team is notified. If there is a need to call 911, you as the guardian are notified to call or we call if the member is alone & notify you. Please remember that if it is a life threatening emergency, ALWAYS call 911 or head to your nearest urgent care/emergency room without any delay.

Nope! You do not need to be present at your loved one’s doctors' visits if your MySeema Nurse/Clinician is going to attend. We will manage the visit and also send you a summary with next steps, to keep you in the loop.

However, if you would like to attend as it may give you more peace of mind, we can still be present and lead the discussion with the MD. Whatever is most comfortable for you, we can do.

MySeema serves a partner in caring for your loved one. What we ask of you as a guardian is:

1. Be patient with your loved ones while in the service. Change takes time. Encourage them to make positive change and be their cheerleader!

2. Always stay in open communication with your MySeema team so we are aligned. There are stories and knowledge you have from the past, present and the future that we do not. Your feedback or input is always welcomed, and we want to hear the things your loved one’s say to you that they might forget to tell us. If you feel there are issues or other goals that you would like for us to incorporate, we would love to hear your thoughts.

3. Depending on the MySeema tier you enroll in, you will also get progress updates which we hope you use to positively encourage and congratulate them on their hard work.

4. Be aware that if the dedicated MySeema team sees or hears of any concerns from your loved one, you will be notified of what is going on. This is an effort for us all to stay aligned.

We at MySeema would like for all of our members to succeed. For this to happen, we need to ensure the member is willing to change. Our clinical leads and assistants keep track of new goals and progress, if we see there is not much progress, the first step is to let the guardian know. We ask that you have a discussion with your loved one, and if they are not interested to continue, then please let us know. We will cancel the subscription if you feel this is not adding value at this time, but in future if you feel you need us, always welcome back.

Got Questions?

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