48-Year Old Woman Successfully Lowers Average Blood Sugar Levels by 205 Points


My blood sugars are now staying below 200. I think that's amazing progress because of all your help.


Name: Rozina

Time since enrollment: 11 months

Age: 48

Gender: Female

Concerns: Diabetes, blurry vision.

  • Daily Steps Increased from 2,887 to 8,036.
  • Blood Sugar Levels Reduced by 205 Points.
  • Restored Vision Clarity.

How We Achieved This:

In October, Rozina's initial blood sugar levels were alarmingly high at 301. However, with 11 months of dedicated care management, her blood sugar levels drastically improved, reaching a remarkable 95 by March 2023.

Throughout this transformative journey, MySeema provided meticulous monitoring of Rozina's blood sugar levels and daily step count. The data revealed a significant increase in physical activity, with her daily steps soaring from 2,887 to an impressive 8,036.

These remarkable improvements in Rozina's health were a direct result of the comprehensive care she received through MySeema. The platform offered valuable education on low glycemic index (GI) foods, promoted proper medication adherence, and ensured regular blood sugar monitoring. As a result, Rozina's vision clarity was restored, and her cataracts healed as her blood sugar levels remained well-controlled.

Motivated by her progress, Rozina set new goals, aiming to surpass 5,000 steps daily. Fueled by a renewed sense of energy and satisfaction, she continues to embrace challenges on her health journey.

Rozina's case perfectly exemplifies the impactful role of MySeema in managing complex health situations. The personalized care management provided by MySeema empowered Rozina to actively participate in her healthcare decisions, leading to remarkable improvements in her overall well-being.

Currently, MySeema efficiently manages all of Rozina's appointments and care coordination needs, ensuring she never misses any essential medical visits. This proactive approach offers immense relief to her family, knowing that their beloved family member receives the necessary support and care, and enhancing peace of mind for everyone involved.

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