68-Year-Old Mother Successfully Lowers Blood Pressure by 18 Points and Average Sugar Levels by 29 Points


I am grateful to the team for helping me with my doctor appointments and translating into my language when I found it difficult to understand.


Name: Nancy

Time since enrollment: 10 months

Age: 68

Gender: Female

Concerns: High blood pressure and diabetes.

  • 18-point drop in blood pressure.
  • Blood sugar level dropped from 143 to 114.
  • Went from drinking 20 oz of water to 71 oz daily.
  • Went from 1000 steps to 6000 steps daily.
  • Did several preventive screenings.

How We Achieved This:

Through the personalized care and proactive engagement of her MySeema team, Nancy achieved remarkable improvements in her health, including significant enhancements in her blood pressure, blood sugar levels, hydration, and physical activity.

Prior to joining MySeema, Nancy faced challenges with low blood pressure and dehydration, leading to a lack of energy and limited mobility. Additionally, her blood sugar levels were consistently higher than the desired range. Recognizing the need for comprehensive care management, Nancy's daughter enrolled her in MySeema's services.

With the guidance and support of her dedicated MySeema team, Nancy embraced a daily routine that included various exercises like walking, gym sessions, and yoga. Furthermore, she diligently increased her water intake from 20-30 ounces to a commendable 71 ounces per day. By actively monitoring her blood pressure and blood sugar levels, Nancy witnessed extraordinary improvements in her health.

Nancy's blood pressure readings significantly decreased from 140/77 to 122/72, while her blood sugar levels improved from 143 to 114.

Nancy expressed profound gratitude for the attentive care and assistance provided by the MySeema team, with special acknowledgment to Suhanee, who adeptly aided her during doctor appointments and ensured effective communication in her native language.

MySeema also played a pivotal role in coordinating essential screenings for Nancy, including an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and mammograms. Furthermore, they helped her find a new Pulmonary specialist, further enhancing her overall healthcare. The team provided unwavering support to Nancy in maintaining her exercise routine, monitoring vital signs, and ensuring proper hydration.

Apart from Nancy's personal health improvements, MySeema's services proved highly beneficial to her family and healthcare providers as well. The team kept Nancy's daughter well-informed about her mother's health updates, doctor's summaries, and actively participated in virtual appointments. This collaborative approach saved valuable time for both the family and healthcare team by efficiently managing new doctors, medication refills, and scheduling appointments.

Nancy's daughter, husband, and healthcare providers are overjoyed with the remarkable progress she has made over the past year. MySeema's guidance, accountability, and proactive care management empowered Nancy to make positive lifestyle changes that had previously seemed daunting.

Nancy's success story stands as a testament to the transformative impact of personalized care and comprehensive support offered by MySeema. By addressing her health concerns holistically, MySeema enabled Nancy to embrace a healthier lifestyle and achieve significant health milestones.

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