Empowering a Cancer Survivor on Dialysis to Take Control of Her Health


My daughter tries her best to manage all my health issues... I'm so happy that MySeema has been with us because I can see how much time they saved her.


Name: Tazim

Time since enrollment: 9 months

Age: 67

Gender: Female

Concerns: CKD 5 - Dialysis, DM type 2, Hypertensive with history of cardiac surgery. Multi myeloma remission, COPD, foot ulcers, non-healing breast wound.

  • Dropped blood pressure levels by 23 points.
  • 15% improvement in blood pressure.
  • Blood sugar levels went from the 50s-60s to the normal range.
  • Maintained a low sodium diet.
  • Saved the family more than 8 hours of time managing.
  • Minimized hospital admissions since she's being well managed at home.

How We Achieved This:

To ensure effective care management for Tazim, her MySeema team focused on closely monitoring key health indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugars, and weight. Additionally, they provided comprehensive care coordination and facilitated talk therapy sessions to address her emotional well-being.

Tazim's caregiver and daughter, a mother herself of a toddler and a newborn, faced the challenge of juggling many significant responsibilities while caring for her mother. Tazim's recurrent hospital stays occurring every two weeks strained her daughter's ability to provide constant care. The situation became even more complicated when they relocated from New York to Texas. Ultimately, relying on MySeema for comprehensive care management became vital.

With MySeema's support, the family successfully established care with a new set of doctors after their move to Texas. As Tazim's health deteriorated, the MySeema team guided the family through the process of initiating dialysis, offering advocacy and education during this new and overwhelming experience.

Throughout the process, Tazim became mindful of her diet, specifically choosing kidney- and heart-friendly foods. She diligently sent her health numbers daily, allowing the MySeema team to provide personalized guidance and support. Her team played a crucial role in helping Tazim see all the specialists required for her complex medical conditions and ensured she completed all necessary preventative screenings for the year.

Through their efficient care coordination efforts, MySeema saved the family more than 450 minutes in managing Tazim's healthcare. This allowed the caregiver to focus on other responsibilities and ensured seamless coordination of appointments, referrals, and rescheduling.

For example, when Tazim expressed a desire to travel to England to visit her siblings, the MySeema team ensured her health numbers remained within the desired range and coordinated all necessary referrals, appointments, and rescheduling.

Remarkably, it has been two months since Tazim's last hospital stay, a significant improvement compared to her previous frequency of admissions. Her quality of life has improved, and the MySeema team now manages all her medical appointments, providing the caregiver with much-needed relief.

The caregiver even had the opportunity to take a two-week vacation out of the country, knowing that MySeema was there, virtually watching over Tazim, offering comfort and support.

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