Resistant Dad Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Lifestyle Habits


MySeema has helped me improve my overall health, especially my diet. I now pack nutritious lunches daily with ideas my team shares. I also exercise much more than before. Because of them I have was able to drop my LDL by 20 pts in 3-4 months.


Name: Robert

Duration: Joined MySeema February 2022

Age: 58 years old

Gender: Male

Concerns: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Borderline Diabetes, No Insurance, Poor Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits, No Exercise, Unhappy.

How did we do this?

Once Robert enrolled into MySeema, their first goal was to understand the severity of his high cholesterol and borderline diabetes. Did he need the medications or can we try healthy lifestyle changes first? These were the questions we first thought through. MySeema called his MD to ask relevant questions to discuss the best approach for him. His doctor agreed that he can try making lifestyle changes without the medication.

MySeema used this as motivation to help him make lifestyle changes. They started with basic education on high cholesterol and how it directly correlates with a possible heart attack that if left as is, would eventually occur. This education was very impactful for Robert, he did not want to risk a heart attack.

He gradually started to adopt diet changes. MySeema made it easier for him by still allowing him to eat his cultural foods, but gave specific guidance for portion control, healthy alternatives and provided exact meal plans for his lunch. MySeema provided simple meal ideas that are cost effective and easy to find at his local grocery store.

With this new found knowledge, his curiosity about other types of food peaked. He would proactively ask for healthy breakfast options such as “how can I add more protein so that I can decrease his carb intake.” The awareness and education was working on him. In tandem with diet changes, MySeema encouraged Robert to walk everyday either during his lunch break or after work.

He started walking 2 miles 4 times a week. Within the first 2 months, Robert noticed a 5 lb weight loss which he was so excited about. He wanted to keep his progress up now that he was able to see a difference. As he became more comfortable with MySeema, Robert expressed that he was not happy with his current job.

MySeema took the initiative to help research open positions and found an open position in his city that fit his needs. MySeema assisted him with the job application process, he interviewed and started the new job. He was so happy to find a new job that offered healthcare benefits.

  • 20 pts drop in LDL (bad cholesterol) within 3 months
  • Started a new job with MySeema’s help with research and job application
  • Chose an insurance plan that MySeema helped him understand and research
  • Incorporated salads and better nutrition to his diet
  • Walking 2 miles 4 times a week
  • New found motivation to continue building healthy habits

Robert loves his new job that MySeema helped him find and apply for!

MySeema offered ideas to keep him physically active and also adjusted activity goals based on his work week. MySeema also took the time to review his insurance benefits and help him choose the best option. Robert wanted to find a doctor that was near home and spoke either Hindi or Gujarati. Within 2 weeks MySeema found a Hindi speaking doctor, in-network. Robert received his blood work where he saw his LDL had dropped from 186 to 164 in a 3 month period.

He is aware that consistency is key to improving his overall health. Robert and his family are so proud of his accomplishments and he is grateful for the dedication his MySeema team provides.

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