Grandmother with Multiple Illnesses, Doctors & Medications Finds Help


I get so overwhelmed trying to manage my health problems. MySeema helped me get organized, including preparing questions for my doctor visits. It has been so relieving to know my team is always ready to help.


Name: Patrice

Duration: Joined MySeema April 2022

Age: 68 years old

Gender: Female

Concerns: Scleroderma, kidney issues, lung disease, anemia, gastrointestinal problems, low blood pressure, medication adherence, health education, disorganization.

How did we do this?

Patrice’s daughter had heard of MySeema and quickly enrolled Patrice into the program. Patrice had multiple doctors, medications and was highly unorganized, not at any fault of hers. MySeema first tackled the task of organizing her health information, providers, specialities, what they manage, and setting reminders for each future appointments.

Next, they focused on Patrices list of medications, reasons for use, pharmacy contacts, set refill reminders and medication reminders. MySeema worked with the Pharmacists to ensure she is taking the medications at the right time, confirming there are no medication interactions, and confirming the side effects. Once this was all organized, MySeema prioritized what to tackle next based on Patrice and her family’s list of concerns to address and which appointments they wanted MySeema to accompany her with.

With all this information, MySeema then customized a daily schedule which included: medication regimen, reminders for hydrating to help prevent low blood pressures (which she regularly experienced), and provided ideas to boost her nutrition.

After just a couple of weeks of this new routine, she instantly felt better. Her BPs were more stabilized, her pain had decreased, and she felt more energy. Patrice also believes in naturopathic treatments, MySeema was able to incorporate Ayurveda (with clearance from her Medical Providers & Pharmacist) to help improve her vascular health.

  • Organized doctors, appointments, medications, insurance claims, everything related to her health
  • 100% Medication adherence
  • Staying hydrated to avoid low blood pressure
  • Energy increased, pain decreased
  • Incorporated Ayurvedic natural medication with doctor approval
  • Less stress and anxiety dealing with her health

Patrice loves the MySeema monthly meditation and yoga sessions with other members!

One major pain point for the family that we solved was making sure all the providers were working together and aligned on approaches for treatment. Prior to each appointment questions were prepared with Patrice’s input and her daughter’s input. During the visits, MySeema would make sure to ask all the questions, advocate for Patrice, but also make sure she understands each detail. Recently, Patrice needed to undergo a procedure, the family was concerned with insufficient discharge information. They now know to bring any concerns to MySeema, and they will take care of it with the Providers.

Patrice regularly expresses how less stressed she is and how secure she feels knowing MySeema is there keeping her organized. Her family can see she is more joyful and as a unit they are not arguing like they did before. She is forever grateful to her MySeema team and is now convinced that she can manage her health with them by her side.

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