Mom with Hypertension Gets Insured and Controls Her Blood Pressure


My health was not always the priority, but MySeema changed that. I stay motivated to do better. My family even notices that I am staying on top of my health and happier because of it.


Name: Clarie

Duration: Joined MySeema May 2022

Age: 57 years old

Gender: Female

Concerns: Hypertension (high BP), medication adherence, insurance, health education, whatsapp/facebook fake health tips, dehydration, nutrition, mental health.

Diet: Carbs, Oily Foods, No water

How did we do this?

On our first call with Clarie MySeema learned about her history of hypertension and really took time to understand her hesitation around taking the blood pressure medication. Clarie admitted that she feared the side effects of the medication. Unfortunately no one took the time to teach her that her blood pressure average of 150/90 and that over time it could lead to heart complications like heart attack if left untreated.

MySeema spent time educating Clarie on the fundamentals of blood pressure, reviewed the side effects she feared and taught her how to avoid major complications. Clarie was grateful for the education and that same day she started her medication now that her fear was gone. She felt motivated to start paying attention, so MySeema instructed her on how to check her blood pressures daily.

Clarie sends her BP readings daily to MySeema and we keep track of her trends. She now feels accountable to always be mindful of her health. MySeema then focused on the importance of routine, nutrition and hydration as it all plays a role in not just maintaining blood pressure, but also her well-being.

Before MySeema, MNs was averaging 2 cups of water daily. MySeema created fun water challenges for Clarie and now she drinks over 8 cups of water daily. Clarie was now empowered to create her own health goals, and one was to hit 8,000 steps daily. She also requested her Myseema team to send her yoga videos to incorporate stretching. Her MySeema team also tailored a meal plan for her and Clarie actively makes an effort to cook for herself.

  • 100% medication adherence
  • 20% drop in blood pressure
  • $38/month saved on medications
  • Checking Blood Pressure Daily & Accurately
  • Actively learning & understanding MySeema health education courses which is leading to higher motivation
  • Drinking 8 cups of water daily (previously 2 cups/day)
  • Hit her goal of walking 8,000 steps daily

Clarie enjoys learning about nutrition from MySeema and has started cooking healthier meals for herself!

Additionally MySeema researched opportunities to save money for Clarie on her medications, resulting in saving her $38/month. MySeema’s next big goal is to find her health insurance which is affordable, effective, and manageable.

She loves her MySeema team and feels more secure with the support. Clarie feels confident and her family has noticed a tremendous difference! She looks more at ease and happier than just a few weeks ago and also referred her brother to MySeema after he was amazed at how she’s been “glowing” recently!

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