Retired Mom with Uncontrolled Diabetes Regains Control


With the help of MySeema, my blood sugars are now in normal range and they found me a great doctor. Because of them we are able to manage my diabetes and learn how to avoid complications.


Name: Anna

Duration: Joined MySeema May 2022

Age: 60 years old

Gender: Female

Concerns: Diabetes, High blood pressure, medication adherence, health education, whatsapp/facebook fake health tips, pain, nutrition, mistrust in doctors.

Diet: Sugar Heavy, Carbs, Oily Foods

How did we do this?

Immediately after joining MySeema did a deep dive on Anna’s diabetes care, blood sugar trends and many other concerns she expressed. They learned that Anna was not taking her prescribed Metformin, due to major side effects. Because of this and lack of understanding, Anna's health was suffering from uncontrolled blood sugars. It was important to address the high blood sugars but she didn't have the sufficient support or guidance, to know how to tackle these issues.

Within a month MySeema accompanied Anna to her doctor’s appointment and figured out she may require a new doctor that would better fit her personal needs. The very next day MySeema found her a new in-network provider who spoke Hindi, her native language, and set an appointment that week for a check up. MySeema was with her during the visit and provided all the significant data and background that would give the new provider a full picture of what is going on with Anna.

The doctor was so impressed with the holistic summary we provided to him about Anna. MySeema worked with the doctor on her treatment regimen which was now adjusted to make it more manageable for her and addressed her nerve pain. MySeema prioritized organizing a realistic routine to help Anna take her insulin, check blood sugars, and log it daily.

  • Blood sugars are now decreased to normal levels
  • Following a more suitable treatment regimen for her diabetes
  • Found a new in-network doctor that speaks her language and she trusts more
  • Doctors highly impressed with the data MySeema presents during each visit about the member
  • Consistently checking blood sugars 3x/day
  • Consistently follows a new diet which helps control blood sugars

Anna has regained trust in her health and doctors!

Her MySeema team checks-in with her everyday and sometimes will do video calls to give her company & guidance when she is giving herself insulin. Soon after the adjustments and Anna improved nutrition, the team noticed her blood sugars were trending on the lower side. They promptly alerted her providers, who decreased her insulin dose. Now, each week, the pharmacist and MySeema jump on call with Anna to review her blood sugar trends and make adjustments if needed. The Pharmacists feel that having the MySeema team on the call can help Anna understand better as they help translate the information. Her blood sugar trends now fall within normal range.

Now that she was consistent with 2 major aspects of diabetes care, MySeema started to focus on proper diet/nutrition, and educating Anna affects her diabetes. Her two daughters are so relieved to know that their mom is doing much better. They both are so happy that they too are learning so much about diabetes and her overall well-being. Because of MySeema, the family feels supported and confident in making proper health decisions.

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