Retired Grandfather Walks 10,000 Steps Daily and Drops Weight + Blood Pressure


I didn't always have the knowledge and staying consistent was difficult. MySeema has helped me change my habits and holds me accountable. I feel so much better and relieved to have my team.


Name: Andrew

Duration: Joined MySeema January 2022

Age: 73 years old

Gender: Male

Concerns: High blood pressure, kidney disease, weight loss, nutrition, medication adherence, preventative screenings, mental health, exercise and routine

Diet: Carbs, fried foods, large portions

How did we do this?

The first month the goal for MySeema was to understand Andrew as a person, where he came from, what struggles he experienced which could resist him to change. MySeema took time to review medical history, treatments, and previous clinic notes. The team also took time to know what things he enjoys.

Andrew loves music, so MySeema started to share 5-6 of his favorite songs (equaling about 25 min), which he walked to for at least 4 days a week. Over the course of the following weeks MySeema increased goals and shared more songs. By month 3, Andrew was walking 10,000 steps daily and averaging 70 flights of stairs. He lost 5 lbs and had more energy. He noticed his blood pressures were within the normal range and wasn’t having as much pain as before.

  • 2,500 steps daily to 10,000 steps daily
  • 15% drop in blood pressure
  • Tracking calories daily
  • Diet improved to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies
  • Feels more energy to play music daily and walk twice a day with his wife

Andrew started playing the keyboard again and regularly plays music he enjoys for his MySeema team.

With Andrew’s new found motivation, we then focused on his diet by having him send photos of his meals for 10 days. Gradually, we showed him what small changes he could make to improve his blood pressure. We also taught him how to track calories and assigned him a daily calorie intake limit. His PCP and Nephrologist were excited to see his progress and congratulated his efforts as his blood pressure and labs had stabilized!

Andrew now sees his MySeema team as his family, openly communicating with them and loves sharing personal stories. Andrew realizes that working on prevention has helped him avoid what his siblings now have: diabetes, dialysis and sleep apnea. To this day he strives to keep his health in check and prioritize his healthcare.

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