Working Mom Loses 10 Pounds in 60 days


I have lost 10 lbs over the last 4 months and kept it off. MySeema has helped me become more confident. With their support I feel as if I have more control of my own health.


Name: Amy

Duration: Joined MySeema January 2022

Age: 61 years old

Gender: Female

Concerns: High blood pressure, weight loss, health education, whatsapp/facebook fake health tips, nutrition, mental health, exercise and routine

Diet: Carbs, Oily Foods, Late night eating

How did we do this?

Amy enrolled in MySeema and immediately her dedicated team got to know her, her potential health risks and her past struggles. Amy started sending her readings to her team daily, and they would monitor for concerns. Once she got into a consistent routine with checking blood pressures and taking her medications, more goals were added.

The team knew she enjoyed walking outside but she didn't always have the time. MySeema encouraged her to speak to her manager and see if she would be allowed to go into work one hour later at 10am versus 9am. This helped give her protected time to walk, stretch or exervise without worrying about getting to work on time. Her ultimate goal was to reach 10,000 steps, 5 days a week.

While being in the service her team did notice her “fall off” during family events or stressful circumstances. Instead of reprimanding her, MySeema supported her emotionally and slowly got her back on track once those events had passed. MySeema doesn’t prevent life from getting in the way, we want our members to embrace all aspects of life, but once they are back we make sure to get them back on track with their health goals as fast as possible. She was excited to continue her progress with MySeema’s help.

In summer of 2022 she moved into a new home and injured her knee during the process. She notified her MySeema team about the pain, who quickly alerted her Physician and scheduled an appointment for her the next day. For the first time in her life Amy went to the clinic without her children. She knew that MySeema would be on the phone to support and talk to her doctor.

  • Not tracking daily steps to tracking 10,000 steps daily
  • 15% drop in blood pressure
  • Checking Blood Pressure Daily & Accurately
  • Lost 10 pounds with diet improvements
  • Attending doctor visits alone without her kids
  • Increased sense of independence and self-reliance

Amy started taking English classes every weekend provided by MySeema to improve her conjugations and verbs.

She was confident in going alone because she called her MySeema team as soon as the doctor came in and they spoke to her doctor on her behalf. After the appointment her team explained to her exactly what the doctor said and made a game plan with her to start the healing process for her knee.

Over the last 3 months, the MySeema team has also made adjustments to her diet, teaching her healthier ways of cooking, healthy options for snacks, portion control, new recipes and cutting back on unwanted calories. With the changes to diet and exercise Amy lost 10 lbs in 2 months and has maintained it. Her son and daughter both notice a positive change in her, she is more talkative, more confident, and more empowered to manage her health.

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