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MySeema can now work with your provider to cut costs if you have Medicare. You can now enjoy 20-50% less on your monthly subscription costs, allowing you to access all of our services without worrying about the financial burden. We are committed to providing affordable and accessible preventive healthcare, and Medicare coverage is an important step towards achieving this goal.


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We're here to help! To get you covered we'll need to work together to complete these four requirements.


To be eligible for our services, you must be enrolled in Medicare.


We want to work together with your doctor to provide you with the best care possible. It's important that your doctor is willing to partner with us on this journey.


Your doctor will need to confirm and document that you have at least two chronic conditions and require monitoring and ongoing management.


We know that paperwork can be a hassle, so we'll take care of it! Your doctor just needs to submit the monthly documentation MySeema provides to Medicare.

Remember you can always enjoy our free trial and get covered by Medicare later.

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